Low NOx burner


The new era of Low NOx Burner

Low NOx Burner is an important equipment in industrial heati production, is to ensure the stable ignition and complete combustion of fuel and other processes, strengthen the control of NOx emissions, in order to improve economic and environmental benefits.

Low NOx burner in the combustion process produced by the nitrogen oxides mainly NO and NO2, usually the two kinds of nitrogen oxides known as NOx. A large number of experimental results show that NOx emissions from burner are mainly NO, accounting for 95% on average, while NO2 only accounts for 5%.

NOx reduction combustion technology NOx is produced by combustion, and the combustion method and combustion conditions have a greater impact on the generation of NOx, so can reduce NOx through improved combustion technology, the main way is as follows: choose a low N content of fuel, including denitrification and conversion to low nitrogen fuel; To reduce the excess coefficient of air and to reduce the oxygen concentration around the fuel; In the case of less excess air, reduce the peak temperature to reduce "thermal reaction NO"; At low oxygen concentration, the duration of the fuel in the flame front peak and reaction zone is increased. The specific methods commonly used to reduce NOx formation and emission are: fractional combustion, recombustion, low oxygen combustion, shade deviation combustion and flue gas recirculation.

In combination with the working principle of low NOxburners, low NOx combustion technology is strengthened to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction targets, improve combustion technology, reduce NOx, and low NOx combustion technology has the functions of improving combustion efficiency, reducing smoke temperature deviation, reducing slagging and high-temperature corrosion, etc., with strong operability and practical application.

Low NOx burner

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